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Should You Hire Unarmed or Armed Security Guards? (general)

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5 years ago

You need to hire security guards, but you have little to no experience in that area. You’ve seen security guards in the bank and at your office building. You know that some guards are carrying firearms and others aren’t. You’ve been given the major responsibility of deciding whether armed or unarmed security guards would be the best fit for protecting the people and property in your care. Both types of security guards play a crucial role in protecting people and property, but there are pros and cons to consider when hiring unarmed vs. armed security guards. At National Security Service (NSS), we can help you decide which type of guard you should hire given your individual circumstances.
Not All Security Needs Are Alike
You want the best possible protection that suits your individual security needs. In certain situations, it may be more beneficial to hire well-trained unarmed security officers rather than armed security guards. For example, employees or residents of an apartment complex may feel safer knowing unarmed security personnel are present in their building checking identification and patrolling the premises. As a visible deterrent, unarmed security guards help prevent crimes from happening and quickly respond to emergencies like fire, theft or personal injury.
You may need armed security guards if your specific needs require an enhanced level of security such as personal protection or protecting high-value assets. You might consider hiring armed security guards if the guards will be working in a high crime area to provide a higher level of protection. As an armed and unarmed security guard company, we can offer you the highest standard of protection for your individual needs without compromising your safety or peace of mind.
Significant Advantages to Employing Unarmed Security Guards
Unarmed security officers are much less expensive to hire and liability risks are lower than when hiring armed security guards. As one of the top security guard companies in the US, all our guards are well-trained and fully equipped to assess suspicious situations and react appropriately. However, armed security guards require more extensive training including the proper and safe use of firearms. With the additional training comes the higher cost to hire armed security guards. Many armed guards have previous military or law enforcement training. Alternatively, unarmed security guards don’t require the additional training so are less expensive to hire, but still fully qualified to meet your individual security needs.
Some situations are better suited to unarmed security guards instead of armed guards. As one of the best security guard companies in New York City, let us put our years of extensive experience and expertise providing security guard services to work for you. Visit us today at

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