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Tricks to Quickly De-Ice Your Car This Winter (general)

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2 years ago

See if this sounds familiar: You’re running late for work, but you think if you leave right now, you’ll still be on time. Then you spot your windshield. It’s covered in thick ice that will take at least 10 minutes to chip away. So much for making it to work on time.

Alcohol Solution

This solution, originally brought to us by newsman Ken Weathers, is officially the most magical hack of the season. All you have to do is mix 1/3 water and 2/3 rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Whenever your windshield is fogged over (with ice or otherwise) you simply have to spray this solution and watch the fog disappear.

Vinegar Solution

Not a fan of rubbing alcohol? Vinegar will also do the trick! A 3-to-1 white vinegar and water mixture sprayed on a windshield will get rid of ice and fog, and will even prevent these things from forming if you spray a coat on the night before.

This Magical Settings Combo

you don’t have a magic mixture, but you can easily defrost your car the old fashion way: using your car settings. Unfortunately, there are about a million buttons and knobs, making this job impossible. Fortunately, Mark Rober has graced us with this ideal combination of car settings, which will defrost your windows in half the normal time:

Turn heater on at full blast

Turn AC on

Turn off the inside air circulation

Crack open the windows

Make or Buy De-Icer Spray

Here are your options:

Isopropyl alcohol and water windshield de-ice spray: Combine two parts 70% isopropyl alcohol and one part water in a spray bottle. Since this liquid has a freezing point of 5 degrees—as opposed to 32 degrees for water—applying this solution to your icy windshield has a fast effect.

Saltwater de-icer spray for the car: Pour water into a spray bottle and add a scoop or two of salt. Since salt water has a lower freezing point than fresh water, it starts to melt the ice on contact. Road salt is even more effective than table salt in this recipe.

Buy a commercial de-icing spray: Most store-bought windshield de-ice sprays work well, but they are more expensive than making your own. You can find it at a local car supply shop or in the automotive aisle of most big box stores.

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