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What is Blue Light Therapy and How Does it work? (general)

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1 year ago


Light therapy is a way of treating skin conditions through exposure to artificial light. The LED emits infrared lights at different wavelengths, which in turn travel deep into the skin to trigger intracellular reactions.

Blue light therapy, also called as blue light photodynamic therapy or blue light treatment; Inflammatory acne, seborrhoea, and skin cancer can have negative effects on your health and self-esteem. Previously, treatments for these conditions relied on chemicals and ointments that have a number of possible side effects. Fortunately, research advances have shown that blue light therapy, a completely safe and natural treatment with no side effects, can harness the power of simple light waves to treat these conditions. Dr. Maryam Zamani, a facial aesthetics in London has experience using blue light therapy to improve acne and seborrhoea and treat skin cancer. And the therapy not only has benefits for the skin.

How Does Blue Light Therapy work:

Blue light therapy uses light beams of specific color wavelengths emitted by an LED light to treat skin or sleep conditions. Different wavelengths emit different types of energy, which then affect the body in different ways.

·        As an inflammatory acne treatment, LED blue light therapy uses energy to have an antibacterial effect to kill acne-causing bacteria.

·        It can also be used to treat problems like seborrhoea, eczema, and psoriasis and can help prevent future flare-ups.


·        When a patient has a disorder in which their circadian rhythm is disrupted, leading to insomnia or excessive fatigue, blue light can be used to reset their "internal clock" and return their sleep patterns to normal.

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