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What is Nucleofill and Mechanism of Nucleofill? (general)

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9 months ago

Nucleofill is an advanced biostimulator that contains purified and natural polynucleotides.


This treatment helps to increase the volume of the face and provides effective skin rejuvenation as well as deep hydration. In addition, it acts as a healing agent for the skin since it stimulates fibroblasts and growth factors. And so, it fights fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin quality from within.


In addition, Nucleofill restores the extracellular matrix, activating the skin's self-regenerating abilities while improving the general condition of the skin.


Unlike other injectables, Nucleofill is not a bulking agent or muscle relaxant. This innovative treatment helps rejuvenate the skin from within and is highly effective in treating external damage caused by UV rays and other damage caused by oxidative stress.

Polynucleotides are small nucleic acid fragments of DNA and RNA, found in all organisms. They are totally biocompatible with the human body. Polynucleotides have the ability to spatially bind a large number of water molecules, increasing tissue hydration, they also affect the increase in the number and activity of fibroblasts, that is, the most important cells responsible for the continuous restoration of many components of the skin. In addition, they also play an important role in the fight against free radicals and inhibit photoaging, effectively protecting the skin against sun exposure. Nucleofill is an innovative treatment that, using the beneficial properties of polynucleotides, acts on three levels, stimulating skin reconstruction.


Three mechanisms of action:

1)lifting – stimulating the production process of type I collagen and elastin, which causes skin thickening and lifting,

21)antioxidant effect and elimination of free radicals that arise as a result of many different factors, such as strong and prolonged stress, smoking, breathing polluted air, high physical exertion, intense sunbathing, improper diet,

31)moisturizing – binding water by polynucleotides and ensuring long-term hydration of the extracellular matrix, thanks to which the skin becomes hydrated, firm and elastic.



Like any procedure in the field of aesthetic medicine, there are contraindications to undergo treatments with Nucleofill gel. These include:

·        pregnancy and lactation

·        diabetes

·        cancers

·        epilepsy

·        immunosuppression...


Result of the Nucleofill procedure:

·        Wrinkle reduction

·        Firming of the skin in the forehead area

·        Restores skin tone in the forehead area

·        Reduction of eye bags

·        Lifting of the skin on the face and neck


For more information, visit at Dr. Maryam Zamani and book a consultation with us.

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